We are always looking for talented people for positions based in Cape Town (South Africa), Sophia Antipolis (France) and East Coast USA (North America) with the following skills:

  • Software development – individuals with good programming skills in C++/Matlab for tool/algorithm development related to image processing and photogrammetry applications
  • Sales and marketing – executives with a business adminstration background, who speak English and other languages (French, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic) and have experience in selling value-added products and services internationally

Available Positions

Software engineer


Cape Town


Development of diverse Python-based productivity tools for remote sensing and GIS applications.


  • Three or more years of Python programming experience
  • Knowledge of data structures (lists, sets, dicts, heaps) and functional operators (list/dictionary comprehensions, map, reduce, filter etc.)
  • Knowledge of binary search techniques
  • Strong math and statistics
  • Demonstrated knowledge of core concepts of raster and vector processing
  • Knowledge of OSGeo, GDAL, NumPy, SciPy, GEOS/SpatiaLite libraries
  • Experience with PosgreSQL database
  • Strong knowledge of standard array operations and fast vectorized array operations
  • Ability to work both singly and in team setting under agile development principles
  • Experience with Windows, MacOS, Linux build and deployment environments
  • Experience with interfacing C++ and Python a plus

Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Please send covering letter and CV via email to 

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