Geodata for Wireless Network Planning and Optimization Building an accurate world model for your analyses

We have specialized in creating digital geodata for the wireless telecommunications industry since our inception. In that time, we’ve witnessed and supported our wireless operators as they deployed 2G, 3G, 4G and now LTE-Advanced networks.

Understanding the Needs of RF Planning for Geodata

The needs of RF planners have remained fairly constant regardless of new technologies being utilized. To build an accurate simulation to support deployment, operation and optimization of their network, engineers require geodata that:

  • Works efficiently in their RF/microwave planning software
  • Supports their propagation model type (i.e., including 3D models for urban modeling)
  • Delivers quality and accurate mapping information, clutter classes and 3D building models
  • Is made from the from the most recent source imagery possible to accurately reproduce the environment being modeled

Geodata for 5G Planning

LuxCarta is working with leading network equipment vendors and operators as they prepare for 5G, based on the pending 5G New RAN standard. 5G will include support for millimeter waves, specifically frequencies in the 30 GHz – 300 GHz range. This will add new levels of complexity as these frequencies attenuate due to atmospheric conditions (e.g., moisture) and have a much shorter propagation distance.

These smaller 5G cell footprints mean that operators will require higher-resolution data along with vegetation information for efficient planning.

LuxCarta Geodata for RF Planning

We’ve been successfully meeting the needs of wireless service providers through:

  • Delivery of consistent, high-quality products
  • In-house control of all processing
  • A substantial inventory of recent data
  • Speed of production to create new projects
  • Innovative development processes to develop extremely accurate 3D data
  • Compliance with all planning tool formats
  • Pre- and post-sales support in your time zone
  • Innovative products and services, including textured 3D models

Geodata for RF Planning and Optimization

We specialize in the production of mapping data for wireless service providers and the suppliers they use to plan and optimize their networks. Our products are suitable for RF planning and optimization for the following technologies:

IoT – Sigfox/LoRa/Ingenu

We also offer geodata to support microwave and point-to-multipoint technologies.

Our product portfolio includes mapping data to meet the needs of RF planners, performance/optimization engineers as well as microwave or transmission engineers. Find more specific information on our products page. To request a quotation or discuss your needs with one of our account managers, please contact us.

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