Telecom / Wireless Planning

Geodata provides the real world model for RF planning & optimization in solution software

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Geodata for Simulation & Training

Correlated raw GIS data derived from medium/ high-resolution satellite imagery, as well as full virtual terrain databases for use in simulators

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Geodata for Navigation

Digital maps to provide enhanced 3D display capabilities for navigation devices

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3D Visualization / Simulation

Reliable geodata to improve the understanding and management of the built and natural environments

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Data for Accurate RF Planning and Optimization

Detailed off-the-shelf geospatial data sets as needed for accurate network planning in both mobile and fixed wireless environments

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Detailed 3D Geospecific & Photorealistic City Models

Up-to-date detailed 3D City Models that combine a photorealistic look with GIS precision

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GIS Elevation Models

Elevation models (DHM, DSM, DTM) for geospatial analyses

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SpacEyes3D RF Vision

Visualize mapping and RF data in 3D using SpacEyes3D RF Vision

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Recent 3D City Projects

Visit our 3D City Map for current availability

LuxCarta is constantly updating its catalogue of 3D models for the world’s cities.

About LuxCarta

LuxCarta focuses on the creation and delivery of geodata for the global telecom, simulation & training and other vertical markets. As experts in cartography and software development, we specialize in delivering quality fit-for-purpose products and services to non-specialist and expert end users. The company’s roots date back to the creation of GEOIMAGE in 1989. In 2013, GEOIMAGE and ComputaMaps joined under the LuxCarta banner. In 2016, the two subsidiary companies were replaced by a single global brand: LuxCarta.

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