Albéric Maumy
Founder, Managing Director

Albéric Maumy has a master’s degree in international marketing and finance from ESC Amiens and Concordia University. He has broad experience in developing international activities in both telecom and geodata markets and is responsible for global sales and marketing at LuxCarta.

Justin Hyland, PhD
Founder, Research & Development

Dr. Justin Hyland is a PhD graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. An expert in remote sensing, he has developed procedures and digital maps tailored to the specialized requirements of the RF planning ecosystem. Justin is responsible for R&D at LuxCarta, with a focus on the incorporation of computer vision and machine learning to the production of geospatial data.

Lionel Laurore
Founder, Operations, Research & Development

Lionel Laurore has a civil engineer (Mines de Paris) / diploma of advanced study in pure mathematics from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. He was the founder and managing director of GEOIMAGE (prior to its merger into LuxCarta) and the visionary behind the development of SpacEyes3D.