3D Visualization / Simulation Reliable 3D geodata to improve understanding and management of the built and natural environments

We specialize in the generation of digital 3D spatial models on different scales, ranging in detail from the entire globe down to photo-realistic 3D urban environments. Textures can be photo-realistic based on imagery satellite or aerial (including traditional plane or drone data)

Our 3D spatial data can be used in a variety of ways to create real-world environments and scenarios that require three-dimensional perspectives and visual accuracy. The models are used in the following industries:

  • Urban planning: simulation, advanced analysis and visualization of urban areas
  • Insurance: risk assessment, catastrophic-loss reduction, response planning for natural catastrophes
  • Defense and security: mission planning and rehearsal, aerial reconnaissance, simulation & training
  • Environment: monitoring, planning, and management: floods, forest damage and water pollution
  • Emergency: facilities planning
  • Utilities: planning and management: energy transmission, telecommunications,
  • Entertainment and media: scenery development for computer games, movies, documentaries, news programs, weather reports and web media
  • Marine applications: seafloor exploration for geological applications, navigational hazards, shipwrecks
  • Flight-simulation: military and commercial aviation training, flight simulator
  • Archaeology: virtual exploration for locating viable sites
  • Tourism and navigation: interactive 3D tourist guides for mobile devices

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