Hello Again

It’s hard to believe that it’s already June and time for our second edition of the newsletter. For those of you who didn’t receive the first copy, we’ve posted it on our website. This edition will also be available on our website in the coming days. It has been a busy spring for our company, as you’ll see reflected in the quantity of new production in our Recent Projects section. We’ve also been busy fine tuning the processes and systems required to deliver our new Change Detection and Update Service. We take pride in delivering innovative products and services that benefit our customers. We think you’ll appreciate having the latest vintage 3D data at an attractive price point; we’re sure your engineers will benefit from working with the latest data as they plan advanced wireless networks.

Once again, we encourage you to perform two tasks to ensure you receive the email version of this newsletter: opt in at our website and add the “from address” of this email to your email client’s safe senders list. If you would prefer not to receive this newsletter for any reason, please use the unsubscribe feature at the bottom of this email and you will be promptly removed from our list. We welcome your feedback on our new newsletter, our company and products.

Recent Projects

We've completed the following cities in 3D City Planner format (2-3m resolution) in the last quarter:

Argentina, Cordoba
Austria, Salzburg
Bahrain, Manama
Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba
Colombia, Bogota



Kuwait, Kuwait City
Oman, Muscat-Musandam
Philippines, Manila
Qatar, Doha
(updated since last newsletter with 2010 imagery)
Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg
Saudi Arabia, Dammam
Spain, Palma de Mallorca
Sweden, Malmo
UK, Oxford, York

North America Clutter

We have also updated our clutter catalogue and can now provide seamless 20m clutter across the United States, Canada and Mexico based on 2009-2010 imagery.

Browse our entire catalogue.

A Smarter Way to Update Your Geodata

Are you currently using high-resolution geodata that you know has errors in it? Are your engineers aware of new buildings that aren’t reflected in your current dataset? Historically, companies have had to endure with older vintage datasets until their budgets allowed for a complete replacement. With the new ComputaMaps Change Detection and Update Service, that is all about to change.

Our new Change Detection and Update Service provides an assessment of your current data and identifies areas that are not accurate. We then work with you to determine if updates are warranted – and how many changes to implement. The result: a renewed data set that reflects the most recent vintage of imagery available at a significantly reduced price compared to purchasing an entire new edition.

We have partnered with some of the largest imagery providers in the world and integrated their systems into our processes. This means we have access to the latest on-shelf imagery available for virtually anywhere in the world. Regardless of who provided your original geodata, we can perform an assessment of the gaps based on our current imagery. If we don’t have the data on shelf, we then proceed to fill in the buildings in the 3D project and clutter maps to correspond to the best available imagery. We’re aware that there are many vendors of geodata offering their products to you. One way that we are striving to retain and grow our business is through innovating in product development and delivery. The Change Detection and Update Service is our latest example of this innovation. ComputaMaps is uniquely qualified to provide this service for the following reasons:

  • Proprietary change detection methodology and software
  • Substantial on-shelf inventory of recent vintage data
  • In-house GIS specialists with a thorough understanding of the requirements of RF engineers
  • Strong supply relationships with satellite imagery providers ensures latest vintage is possible anywhere in the world
  • Rigorous development processes and related speed of production
  • Our long track record in the industry means we have seen all data types, for all RF planning tools and can deliver to your expectations

Your RF engineers can do their job more efficiently with accurate geodata. In the past, you’ve had to make tough decisions on where and when to update geodata. You may have to make less of these tough decisions in the future with significant cost savings available through the Change Detection and Update Service. Contact your ComputaMaps account manager or submit a request to learn more about this exciting new service.


News & Events

World Cup mania has taken over South Africa and our office. As you’re watching the telecasts over the next few weeks, you might just get to see ComputaMaps stadium models and surrounding areas. Our products are being used by the South African broadcaster SuperSport, Mexico's Televisa and the United Kingdom’s BBC.

ComputaMaps has recently signed a reseller agreement with DigitalGlobe, a global satellite imagery creator that operates its own constellation of satellites. This agreement is a key building block for our new Change Detection and Update Service given our real-time access to their evolving imagery catalogue. While we have worked together for a number of years, our new relationship takes innovation in 3D geodata development to a new level. We will be hosting a joint webinar later this summer. Look for an update in the events section of our website.

ComputaMaps will be exhibiting at the remaining Informa LTE World Series events in 2010. See us at LTE Asia 2010 in Hong Kong at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, September 7-8. We’ll also be exhibiting at the LTE North America event in Plano, Texas, November 10-11, 2010. If you will be attending either event, please schedule an appointment and find out how our geodata can complement your own LTE plans.


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