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It's that time of year again. As we move into the holiday season, it is natural to reflect on the year behind us. For ComputaMaps, a significant and newsworthy project was the updating of our US geodata catalogue. We produced over 4000 km2 of new City Planner 3D data in over 84 cities. Our global catalogue now exceeds 300 cities, with more than 13,000 km2 added in 2013. We're proud of our team and this accomplishment. Read below for more details on the enhancements to our US catalogue.

Seattle, WA, USA

We hope the next few weeks provide you with some time to relax and reflect with family and friends. All the best for the holiday season from the ComputaMaps team.

Renewing our US 3D Geodata Catalogue


The most substantial update to our 3D catalogue in recent years kept our production team focused on the finer points of US geography, buildings and vegetation for many months. The United States is an important market for our telecom products given its leadership in the migration to 4G/LTE. In urban areas, with smaller propagation distances and highrise buildings to consider, the value of 3D data is clearly demonstrated to RF design and performance engineers. The sheer volume of data being created and variable topographic features found across the continent made for an exciting production exercise at ComputaMaps.

Our team spent about 90 days in the second half of the year generating nearly 4500 km2 of 5-meter high-resolution City Planner data. To create this geodata, we acquired over 250 scenes from our satellite imagery partner, DigitalGlobe. A "scene" is the area that the satellite's sensors capture in a single pass. To ensure coverage of a specific area of interest, we often needed to piece together - through a process called mosaicking - multiple scenes to get appropriate coverage. For the US 3D production we acquired 134 stereo pairs of imagery.

Stacked scenes

Of the 84 cities we developed, nine had land areas greater than 100 km2.
It is worth noting that 3D data, with complex building vectors and related high-resolution vegetation, is typically only constructed for the "dense urban" morphology where the ROI is justified given the complexities from an RF design perspective and the population density located there. Customers are sometimes surprised to hear that a city's 3D coverage has a specific boundary; the fact remains that 3D geodata isa very specialized input with intense production requirements.

New York City provided the single largest challenge given its size and sheer volume of buildings. The dense urban element of this metropolis is over 500 km2. In this project, over 845,000 building polygons were created using recent vintage stereo imagery. From start to finish, New York City took our production team 45 days to complete. On the west coast, San Francisco, with similar building density and even more dramatic relief posed its own challenges. To build the data set for that city including the Financial District, San Jose and the East Bay, required over 11 stereo pairs of images. At the other extreme, the City Planner database for St. Petersburg, Florida was only nine km2.

Chicago, IL, USA

Of course, outside the areas of 3D coverage, operators still require geodata for RF planning and optimization. Traditional 10-25m data, with DTM and clutter (land use) has been the backbone of RF design since the introduction of Planet in the 90's. Our 2D catalogue of 10m-resolution Urban Planner data includes over 94 cities with an area of over 550,400 km2.

Our US 3D City Planner and 2D Urban Planner renewal project provided a tremendous organizational challenge given simultaneous production requirements for other regions of the world. With this development, we're confident we have the most extensive and up-to-date 3D archive of the United States. Our efforts to extend our US catalogue put us in a strong position to support continuing LTE deployments for vendors and operators across the country.

News & Events

Mobile World Congress


We are stepping up our presence at this year's Mobile World Congress. We'll have a stand and meeting room in February - and more to share in the coming months. Stay tuned. Please let your account manager know if you'll be attending so we can arrange a time to schedule a meeting and catch up.

Refreshed Website

You may have noticed, but we recently updated our website. It is designed for simplified navigation and optimal viewing on tablets and mobile devices of all sizes. We welcome your feedback.

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