Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 1

We launched our new 3D visualization software at this year’s Mobile World Congress in February. SpacEyes3D RF Vision, developed by our sister company, generated tremendous interest on the show floor and with prospects since the event. Read below for why it’s so interesting to RF engineers.

SpacEyes3D RF Vision

SpacEyes3D RF Vision


SpacEyes was developed by geospatial experts to target a host of vertical markets that use geodata, including urban planning, environmental monitoring and tourism. The easy-to-use desktop software, originally developed by GEOIMAGE and eventually spun off into its own company, has a large installed base of customers in these markets. SpacEyes3D RF Vision now brings this user-friendly viewer to the wireless community. Working with 2D outputs from leading RF planning and GIS tools, SpacEyes3D RF Vision allows users to visualize a multitude of 2D formats in 3D and share the information through pictures and video. At Mobile World Congress, the wireless product was “soft launched” and three features stood out with individuals that saw the application.

Multi-floor analysis

One of the weaknesses of the majority of RF planning software applications is visualization of multiple analyses layers in 3D. These analysis layers with multiple receiver heights can be generated by the RF applications, but they need to be viewed per layer (i.e., floor) in a 2D environment – one at a time. SpacEyes3D RF Vision lets engineers get around this hurdle with the ability to fly around and zoom into each floor. They can easily see which buildings have indoor coverage issues, and determine the appropriate engineering strategies to overcome the problems.

Multi-floor analysis

Site planning / Site audits

Customers that have invested in 3D geodata are looking to leverage its tremendous accuracy. One use case enabled by SpacEyes3D RF Vision is virtual site planning; whereby detailed assessments of a potential site can be made remotely. The result: a reduction in the number of site candidates that must be investigated by engineers in the field. With City Planner data sets, an operator can move beyond the panoramic images typically offered by tower vendors and perform their own assessment. Once a site is built and is “active” in the RF planning software’s database, SpacEyes3D RF Vision can be used to verify the configuration. Engineers with local knowledge, after reviewing the detailed accuracy of the simulation within SpacEyes, can confirm the accuracy of the reference database in this virtual “site audit.” With distributed antenna systems and small cells becoming more popular, engineers can confirm the specific equipment type and orientation from the POV of the antenna/site.

Site Audit

Extending Enterprise Applications into 3D

In this era of big data applications and open source-software development, wireless operators and their vendors have a host of custom and off-the-shelf applications tied directly to their business processes. Many of these applications have a geolocation feature that can be leveraged by SpacEyes through its software development kit and related APIs. SpacEyes supports over 50 data input formats, with an intuitive GUI and workflow that allows users to quickly master its use. It has been implemented in many web portals and enterprise applications, with our trained specialists able to offer support or turnkey installation as required.

SpacEyes3D RF Vision brings RF planning software from a 2D world into 3D. Beyond the use cases listed in this article, it provides anyone in an operator’s organization or vendor ecosystem that needs to view RF planning information an economical way to do so. We are still in limited release of the product, but will be launching it widely later this year. If you have any interest please contact your account manager or reply to this email.

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