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Volume 3, Issue 1
Our official launch of LuxCarta went extremely well at Mobile World Congress. In case you missed the news, we'll no longer be promoting the GEOIMAGE or ComputaMaps brands as part of the LuxCarta Group. Instead, we have moved to a single LuxCarta brand. Recently we've seen an increased amount of interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. New entrants SigFox and LoRA have been dominating the news, but the 3GPP's recent release of its NB-IoT standard means competition will heat up in the coming months. Read below for our perspective on the IoT market. As always, we hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter.
Using LuxCarta's digital maps designed for RF planning and optimization lets LPWA operators be confident their nominal design will meet traffic requirements.
LuxCarta Covers Planning Requirements for IoT
The IoT is a popular discussion topic these days in Telecom. In fact, the latest release of the Ericsson Mobility Report focused on IoT and suggests tremendous growth in the years ahead. According to Ericsson: "Between 2015 and 2021, IoT is expected to increase at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent, making up close to 16 billion of the total forecast 28 billion connected devices by 2021." This forecast seems ambitious, but given the push for machine to machine (M2M) communications always promised for IP wireless networks it shouldn't really be a surprise. At LuxCarta, we have been producing large amounts of geodata for this market in the last few quarters.
The IoT has been defined by the ITU as "a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies." This infrastructure is tied to the Smart City initiative, as the ongoing global trend of urbanization requires a systemic and better use of resources to accommodate increased population density. These Smart City initiatives include:
  • Smart energy — metering, home energy management, demand response systems
  • Smart water — sensors for networks, monitoring and analytics
  • Smart transportation — intelligent transportation systems, electric car charging systems, vehicle telematics
  • Smart buildings — building management systems, intelligent lighting systems, building automation systems
  • Smart government — sensor networks, emergency response systems
The key issues delaying the uptake of IoT — longer battery life for devices/sensors and lower unit prices — have been largely addressed and more sensors are being added for new vertical markets. Now the networks have to be deployed to meet the IOT M2M communication needs in the market place. In the near term the 700-900 MHz band is where many IoT networks will reside, but in the future this may evolve into higher bands. Two main network types will be built/adapted to address the majority of applications:
  • LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) are being deployed by SigFox and LoRa Alliance members in the 800-900 MHz unlicensed bands
  • NB-IoT/Cellular for 3GPP networks
From our perspective, IoT wireless networks provide the same RF planning and optimization challenges of traditional mobile networks. LuxCarta has been working with LPWA operators deploying their greenfield networks. Unlike incumbent operators, with known demand densities from previous generations of wireless services, a key requirement is understanding where the traffic will occur. LuxCarta's PopMaps, which provide population density information based on recent census information and our land use classifications, allow operators (and regulators) to determine population coverage of their nominal designs.
LuxCarta also has a range of traditional digital maps suited to the requirements of operators deploying LPWA infrustructure and adjusting their networks in support of NB-IoT. Our range of 2D Region and Urban Planner data sets effectively cover the world, so we can meet the needs of any client designing their network. We've sold a number of countrywide data sets to operators deploying LPWA networks and expect this trend to continue through the next year and beyond. With the recent 3PP release of the NB-IoT standard, we also expect incumbent operators will assess geodata upgrades they require in conjunction with their own IoT plans and deployments. This could mean updates to recent vintage high-resolution City Planner or medium-resolution Urban Planner data sets that are designed to seamlessly fit together.
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