Our updated version of this product, based on extensive R&D within the LuxCarta Group, delivers 1m < 100m population and density maps. It is designed for RF engineers to use when deploying new technologies, performing greenfield planning or optimizing their networks – particularly where no previous network traffic information is available.

PopMaps is provided as an additional layer into LuxCarta Planner geodata sets. Its main use is to identify areas of high traffic demand for expansion and densification of the wireless network.

Applications for RF Engineering

Population coverage for spectrum license obligations

PopMaps provides the baseline statistics, which along with coverage plots from your RF planning software, can be submitted to regulators to show compliance with spectrum license terms.

Network dimensioning

For greenfield deployments of new areas or technologies, or the rollout of broadband technologies in the developing world, PopMaps provide an important input for the capacity required from the network.

Valuable input for determining network priorities

Use PopMaps density information to determine the critical areas for your infrastructure deployment, using a layer that can be provided in the same resolution as your RF planning project.

Population Info for Planning Sigfox & LoRa

LuxCarta population density information is ideally suited for IoT Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network deployments based on Sigfox or LoRa technologies. Operators and vendors deploying these new systems typically have little historical user data and need population information to tailor their network design.