3D City Models Geographic foundation of your simulations

LuxCarta has many years of experience producing 3D city models at various levels of detail. These city models can be deployed in various applications such as navigation and location-based services, game environments, military and security, and news graphics.

3D City Models – Applications

Using the latest in 3D software we create real-world, fully interactive, geographically accurate 3D models of entire cities. The city models are used in the following ways:

  • Engineering design
  • Environmental modeling
  • Real estate
  • Security and law enforcement
  • Tourism
  • Urban planning
  • Navigation
  • Media and advertising
  • Games and simulations

Visit our 3D City Map for current availability.

LuxCarta is constantly updating its catalogue of 3D models for the world’s cities.

Featured Project

Seattle, WA, USA

area:5 sq. km
resolution: 1m

City models can be provided as pre-planned fly-through movie files, or as 3D model files delivered with viewing and manipulation software, depending on your requirements. To request more information on our 3D City models please contact us.

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