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LuxCarta offers a large and growing inventory of elevation products covering over 275 metropolitan areas worldwide. Digital elevation models are an essential data layer for many geospatial analyses and end-use applications including: orthoimage generation, 3D visualization and simulation (Viz/Sim), line-of-sight and viewshed calculation, flood risk and natural hazard mapping, natural resource exploration and mapping.

Derived from high-resolution stereo satellite imagery, LuxCarta offers three types of elevation products to be used singly or in combination depending on the end-use requirement:


Bald Earth Digital Terrain Model representing the ground surface only, with optional transportation features (bridges, overpasses, elevated highways).

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Digital Surface Model representing ground and above-ground features including vegetation and man-made features.

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Digital Height Models include impressions of buildings, elevated highways and bridges.

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LuxCarta is constantly updating its catalogue of 3D models for the world’s cities.

Featured Project

Seattle, WA, USA

area:5 sq. km
resolution: 1m

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