Urban Planner 2.5D Small cell geodata for suburban areas

Urban Planner 2.5D is an innovative product that is designed for metropolitan areas where both man-made structures and vegetation play an important role in propagation. An additional building heights raster layer for our Urban Planner data sets provide the missing gap between 2D and 3D geodata when planning in below-clutter morphologies. While it will never replace 3D data in dense urban environments where multiple receiver heights are considered and indoor coverage is critical, Urban Planner 2.5D is ideally suited for small-cell planning outside the dense urban areas of most cities.

Urban Planner 2.5D is designed to be integrated with other LuxCarta Planner products and is supplied in all major RF planning formats.

Terrain model (DTM)

  • Resolution: 5/10m
  • Derivation: SRTM v4, NMO DTM

2.5D Clutter

  • Resolution: 5/10m
  • Derivation: Stereo Spot6, Spot7 and Pléiades
  • Classes: 82
  • Standard clutter classes are height attributed using up to 6 elevation ranges
  • Height attributed classes include: wetland, sparse forest, forest, village, residential with trees, residential with few trees, dense residential, urban, dense urban, high buildings, building blocks, commercial industrial, transportation

Clutter Heights

  • Resolution (x,y): 5/10m
  • Derivation: Stereo Spot6, Spot7 and Pléiades

Linear vectors

  • Derivation: Stereo Spot6, Spot7 and Pléiades
  • Classes: 8
  • Coastline, inland water, highways, main roads, secondary roads, streets, railways, runways


  • Orthorectified satellite imagery at 5/10m
  • Derivation: Stereo Spot6, Spot7 and Pléiades

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