LuxCarta geodata for RF planning is designed to be seamless and scalable ensuring that we can provide updates and new areas that fully integrate with your existing projects.

We understand your geodata requirements

Whether it is planning LTE small cells in an urban environment or creating a nominal design to understand spectrum costs, LuxCarta has a product offering tailored to your needs and budget. We have focused on the wireless industry for more than fifteeen years and our account managers understand your requirements. Our offering delivers:

Region Planner

Region Planner medium resolution databases allow you to quickly visualize terrain and clutter over large areas or entire countries.

Urban Planner

Urban Planner are medium-to-high resolution databases of accurate and up-to-date terrain, clutter, vectors and orthoimagery. It allows for accurate propagation modeling, in 3G and 4G networks.

Urban Planner 2.5D

Urban Planner 2.5D is designed to be integrated with other LuxCarta Planner products and is supplied in all major RF planning formats.

City Planner

The City Planner is a high resolution database for use in high frequency line-of-sight network applications, and provides an accurate height model of terrain and all above-ground features such as buildings, vegetation and bridges.


PopMaps is provided as an additional layer into LuxCarta Planner geodata sets. Its main use is to identify areas of high traffic demand for expansion and densification of the wireless network.

* LuxCarta geodata can also be used for planning microwave links