Global land use & land cover and 3D cities for training simulation

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LuxCarta has a long history in the creation and delivery of digital 3D geodata and worldwide land use/land cover for simulations used by customers in a series of applications. This data is ideal for training use in land and air simulators, as well as related image generators.

Simulation & Training

LuxCarta provides correlated raw GIS data derived from medium and high-resolution satellite imagery: DEM (DTM and DSM), Land Use/Land Cover, orthoimagery, transportation and hydrography vectors, and building features as 2.5D attributed footprints and 3D models to use as inputs for simulation.

Flight Simulator Geodatabases

LuxCarta provides full virtual terrain databases in OpenFlight, Prepar3D, and X-Plane. In addition, we can supply our data in formats such as FBX for immediate use in game engines such as Unreal and Unity.

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