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We have specialized in creating digital geodata for the wireless telecommunications industry since our inception. In that time, we’ve witnessed and supported our wireless operators as they deployed 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G NR networks.

Understanding the Needs of RF Planning for Geodata

The needs of RF planners have remained fairly constant regardless of new technologies being utilized. To build an accurate simulation to support deployment, operation and optimization of their network, engineers require geodata that:

Global Leader in 5G Digital Maps for RF Planning

LuxCarta has been the preeminent producer of high-resolution 3D building data in support of RF planning for many years. 5G NR technologies utilize cmWave (6 – 30 GHz) and mmWave frequencies (30 – 300 GHz), which are greatly impacted by manmade and natural obstructions.

Why LuxCarta for 5G NR Digital Maps?

LuxCarta is focused on supporting 5G rollouts for the wireless ecosystem. Our 5G story includes:

Why LuxCarta for All Geodata?

We meet and exceed the needs of our wireless operator customers by:

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We specialize in the production of mapping data for wireless service providers and the suppliers they use to plan and optimize their networks. Our products are suitable for RF planning and optimization for the following technologies:

We also offer geodata to support microwave and point-to-multipoint technologies.

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